Warabi-mochi はにわら堂Haniwarado

warabi-mochi specialty haniwarado Osaka

Sakai City Mozu Tumulus Group/Daisen Tumulus (Emperor Nintoku Mausoleum)/
near Daisen Park

A fluffy and melty texture with plenty of soybean flour.
Haniwarado’s original warabi mochi made with rare hon-warabi powder.

It has a light sweetness that you won’t get tired of, and once you eat it, you’ll want to eat it again.
It’s also popular as a souvenir that will please men and women of all ages.

We hand-cut our products in-store in small batches so that you can enjoy the deliciousness of freshly made products.
For a limited time, you can enjoy it in-store.



This small shop was founded by staff from Sakai who came together to `invigorate Sakai City’ and `want to create new souvenirs that are unique to Sakai,’and affectionately named the Haniwa, an artifact excavated from the Daisen Tumulus.

Warabi mochi is loved by everyone from small children to the elderly.

It’s sweet and soft, and you’ll feel happy when you eat it.

I hope that the circle of peace in your heart will expand even a little.

Haniwarado’s warabi mochi


Serve freshly made food

In order to enjoy the ultimate fluffy texture, we hand-cut our products in small batches in-store.

No additives, no fragrances, no coloring. In order to preserve the color and flavor of matcha and hojicha, we sometimes make them after receiving your order.

We can also accommodate your requests for larger or smaller cuts.

Please enjoy our freshly made warabi mochi.

Made with rare cracken powder

We use 100% real bracken starch carefully extracted from bracken roots.

Made with a unique formula that pursues melt-in-your-mouth softness and stickiness.

Kinako (380 yen)

The soybean flour, which is made by roasting soybeans to its core, has a sweet and fragrant flavor, making it the perfect match for Haniwarado’s warabi mochi. Another feature of our store is that it is topped with plenty of soybean flour.

Uji matcha (450 yen)

“The highest quality color, aroma, and bitterness.” We use Uji matcha from Sakai’s long-established Tsuboichi Seicha Honpo, carefully selected by top tea appraisers.

Uji Hojicha (450 yen)

Made with 100% Uji Hojicha grown in the famous Uji region. A fragrant and aromatic hojicha.

Black honey (50 yen)

Pure brown sugar syrup made with brown sugar from Okinawa and raw sugar from Tanegashima.

Full of minerals and no additives.

If you pour it over bracken mochi, you can enjoy the rich taste and all the soybean flour.



Great value size <Kinako> (1250 yen)

A 4-serving size that can be enjoyed by friends and family. We will provide it with brown sugar syrup.
The day after the expiration date.

Gift 3-color bracken
(1730 yen)

For souvenirs and gifts.
Kinako, matcha, hojicha/brown sugar syrup, paper bag included,
expiration date the next day.
It will take some time to prepare, so it will go smoothly if you call us at the last minute.

Gift soybean flour warabi (1,630 yen)

For gifts using only royal soybean flour. Recommended for families with many children. Kinako/brown sugar syrup, paper bag included,
expiration date the next day.

Warabi mochi drink

This is a drink where you can enjoy the chewy, melty texture of warabi mochi that is unique to our store’s mochi.

Black honey soybean flour (550 yen) Also available hot in winter ◎
Strawberry tea (600 yen)
Yuzu tea/Yuzu squash (600 yen)

Salted bean daifuku

Uses red pepper salt. Salted bean daifuku with plenty of filling.

1 piece (230 yen)
2 pieces (450 yen)


Please wait until Haniwara Parfait reopens.

Iced coffee set (800 yen)
Tea set (700 yen)
Takeout (580 yen)

frozen basque cheesecake

Rich Baschi is accented with soybean flour, chicken sable, whipped
mascarpone, and refreshing lemon peel and strawberries. You can defrost it and eat it whenever you like, so please try it with warabi mochi! Expiration date is 1 month.

1 piece (500 yen) 4 pieces (1800 yen)

< Seasonally limited >
hot Warabi mochi

You can easily enjoy freshly made warabi mochi in the microwave ♪ This is a seasonal product that is perfect for the cold winter. Expiration date is 2 days.

1 serving with soybean flour (430 yen)
4 servings with soybean flour, matcha powder, hojicha powder (1,580 yen) Gift box/paper bag included

Cafe time〉
hot warabimochi

You can enjoy piping hot warabi mochi in the store for a limited time from 14:00 to 17:00 .
Soybean flour (500 yen)
Soybean flour, matcha, roasted tea 3-color set (600 yen)
+ 100 yen Green tea or roasted tea
+ 250 yen Coffee or black tea

< Year-end and New Year holidays only> Now accepting reservations
for 7 types of warabi mochi osechi !(assorted platter) 

“Soybean flour, matcha, hojicha,
chocolate, chestnut kinton, matcha bean paste,
black bracken topped with gold powder.”
A size of about 4 people that allows you to compare the tastes of 7 types.
It is made for the New Year. (2,500 yen)

Get 10% off if you book early until December 25th ! (2,250 yen)

We accept orders in-store, by phone, LINE, and email.

[Delivery date] 12/30/,12/31 (10:00-17:00)
1/1/,1/2 (10:00-16:00)

Best before date: next day



For reservations and inquiries, please contact us via TEL or LINE.
TEL: 072-224-1666

We can deliver for orders over 5,000 yen
(reservation required the day before, within 3km)

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<New Year’s holiday business hours notice>
Open as usual until 12/31
1/1/ , 1/2 10:00-16:00
1/3,/1/4 Closed
1/5 12:00-17:00
1 / 6 – Business as usual

store information


住所1-2 Nijo-dori, Sakai-ku, Sakai-shi, Osaka Prefecture
営業時間OPEN: 10:00-17:00
Cafe time where you can eat and drink inside: 14:00-17:00
Reserved items can be picked up until 20:00
If there is a temporary closure, we will notify you on SNS.
最寄り駅15 minutes walk from Nankai Koya Line Sakai Higashi Station or JR Mozu Station .
7minutes walk from Nintoku emperor’s tomb ,daisen park.
​Short distance from Daisen Nakamachi bus stop.

Parking information

Diagonally across the street from the store. Monthly parking lot with green fence.

Enter through the front entrance, third from the back.

There is a pole at “No. 35”. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we kindly ask for your cooperation in parking for a short period of time.

It is attached to “Unagi no Kurofune” and
there are signs for the two stores.

I was interviewed on TV in an unusual style.

We will provide you with freshly cut products♪ We are waiting for you.

We accept reservations for corporations and groups.


How about using it as a gift for your customers or for an event?
Please feel free to contact us regarding your budget and requests.
TEL: 072-224-1666

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Haniwarado products can also be purchased at stores that carry our products.
Please check it out.

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